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Conan Sprint 1 Task Burn down chart

Submitted by greggles on Tue, 12/01/2009 - 19:17

This was the first scrum for this team and the first scrum on this project. Hopefully they get better ;)

What's interesting to me is that we started off just below the line, and then tanked from there.


burndown type:


It's called business because in business up and downs are common. According to some time we get profit and sometime we get loss because of market. The main reason is your services and products for it.

The graph show how things working in science fields.Although natureblockparty uses different things for writing and they also try to draw graphs with it on book so students understand it.

Conan sprint is related to business and in business dealing with other people ups and down are common in business it depend upon us that how we deal it. However essay help can make more books and articles about it.