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Pregnancy burn down chart

Submitted by greggles on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 10:03

I like to keep track of things. Really.

So, I convinced my wife to track her weight during pregnancy and figured, "Hey, I could burn down the weight as we approach pregnancy."

The chart tells a somewhat interesting story. When the actual is below predicted she is gaining weight faster than her doctors want. When it's above she is not gaining enough weight. The plunge in the actual line happened around holiday time when we were eating...a lot. The recent spike upwards coincides with a series of sleepless nights and vomiting that was probably caused by the flu originally and then continued as heartburn sets in at the beginning of the third trimester. It also seems that the heartburn+squashed stomach combination as the baby gets bigger will make it hard for her to keep on weight.

See more from her blog on including a live updating version of this chart.



LOL. Nice!

But what I really want to know is that with the current velocity of user points is the project still on schedule or do we need to buffer it with a few more sprints?


We'll see how it goes but I don't think we'll be ready for any more "sprints" for a few more years ;)

I am also pleased to say that Nikki weighed herself this morning and the nausea/heart burn/compressed stomach issues are no match for her ability to consume food: she is back on track.

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